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Our vision is to provide companies with a domestic alternative to high risk overseas outsourcing. Domestic outsourcing reduces travel costs, eliminates time zone and language barriers, and creates a more flexible development cycle. We can provide all levels of software developement from product architecture and management through installation and support. Our team has expertise with a wide variety of software disciplines, including embedded firmware, device drivers, applications and mobile computing. We have the experience to lead your project to success!

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ISD Partners

Iowa Software Design was co-founded by Tom Nelson. Tom has over 35 years of experience and technical leadership in Silicon Valley and in the Midwest.

Tom has engineered hardware and software products for circuit board work-in-process automation and numeric control. Tom specializes in native implementation of web, DB and networking in space constrained environments (embedded and legacy devices).

Tom has been a lifetime entrepreneur and has been a principal in seven ventures over his career.

Co-founder Joe Altmaier has over 35 years of experience in product architecture in Silicon Valley and the Midwest.

Joe is an expert in IoT (Internet of Things) - Wireless, embedded, networked, low-power, memory-constrained software solutions. Joe is exceptional at estimating, executing and delivering high performance software in challenging hardware environments. He specilizes in solutions for ARM, MIPS, RISC, ESP32 and many other microprocessor architectures.

Joe holds an MSEE degree from Stanford University and a BSEE from the University of Iowa.

ISD Resources

Joe Cook has 30 years of experience in software architecture, design and project management as well as working closely with clients to develop solutions to their business challenges.

Joe is an expert at delivering scalable networked solutions using Microsoft, Linux or Apple technologies. Delivering real-time embedded software for Internet of Things (IoT). Time critical M2M streaming communications (BLE, 802.11, serial, I2C) and interfacing endpoint sensor technologies (i.e. Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Barometer, Thermometer, GPS)

Joe holds a BSEE degree from Iowa State University

Cindy Riley has 35 years experience in software development and project management specializing in the planning and execution of both small and large projects.

Cindy is an expert at managing projects that have team collaboration challenges both locally and internationally. Cindy has expertise in Process Improvement and Lean management principles and has successfully completed projects that require on-time delivery and projects that have resulted it over 20% business growth - on budget - per client Business Plan.

Cindy holds a MS degree in Education Sciences and Human Computer Interaction from Iowa State University and a BS in Computer Science and Economics from Oklahome State University

Other Resources that ISD has available include

Web Services

Java, CSS, HTML, Javascrpt, and SQL

Designing normalized database tables in Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server

Server-side java: Servlets, JSPs, SOAP and RESTful web services, and JSF

Unity Game Design

Document Editing

Mechanical Design

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